Glass straw, made in the Czech Republic.

A straw that does not burden the environment.

What makes our BRCZKO unique.

BRCZKO is made of high quality borosilicate glass. Withstands high temperatures up to 300 ° C and low temperatures down to -40 ° C.

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The idea of #BRCZKO project.

The idea for this project began two years ago, when we found out that the European Union intends to ban the use of plastic straws from 2021. Because of this, we started thinking about an alternative to plastic straws. There were many alternatives, but we opted for glass straws, both for their exclusivity and for their properties. The experience of drinking from glass straw is really different! It does not spoil the taste of the drink and you can see the cleanliness of the straw inside, also it is environmentally friendly.

Our glass straws are made of borosilicate glass, which is very durable and we are sure that you will be satisfied with your straw!

Quality and durable glass.

Our straws are made of high quality and durable borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is placed in the Mohs hardness scale at grade 7.5, while ordinary glass is placed at grades 5.5 – 6. The glass is resistant up to +300 degrees Celsius and up to -40 degrees Celsius. The straws can be washed in the dishwasher with gentle products.

#BRCZKO offer

The straw is ideal both for home use and as a nice gift for various occasions or as a representative straw for your business. The options are different, we also specialize in custom manufacturing. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us!


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